By Barbara Lager

Breathing in Beauty

Uplifting Poems and Inspiring Sayings
A Journey of Self-Awakening

“Breathing in Beauty” is inspiringly beautiful and provocative. To be sipped and savored. Barbara’s poems and inspirational sayings touch the soul, promote self-reflection and leave you knowing, ‘Self-Love is your strength.’ A beautiful book with infinitely important messages.

– Author of Tree Spirited Woman Colleen Baldrica

Barbara’s poetry took my hand and showed me a spiritual realm inside myself, her words moved me deeply.

– Margaret Oibrekken

This collection of poems is like snuggling up with a sunny day, Barbara’s words soft breezes nudging us to receive, express, connect…with goodness, our own and the universe’s.

– Tracey Ghilardi MA, LP, EMDR trauma therapist

Such wisdom, light, and raw presence. Barbara Lager provides a palpable understanding of who we are and who we can be!

– Dr. Carol Myers, Life Coach, Ontological Life Coach, Consultant, Reiki Master

Photograph of author Barbara Lager

Author Barbara Lager

St. Paul based poet and artist, Barbara weaves spiritual inspiration into her poetry and art, creating a bridge of love and passion for her soul to walk home.

Author Photo by Dawn Vogel
Poetry that is both earthy and boundless!

– Wendy Lindahl, Body and Soul Wisdom Wellness Facilitator

Step into the world of poetry and inspiration with Barbara Lager’s captivating debut book, Breathing in Beauty. This collection of poems and inspirational sayings will awaken your spirit, touch your soul, and leave an indelible mark on your heart.

With great artistry and eloquence, Barbara’s verses and sayings invite you to savor each word, to breathe in the beauty of her profound insights. Through her verses, she weaves a tapestry of life experiences that resonate with the reader, provoking contemplation and evoking powerful emotions.

The inspirational sayings sprinkled throughout the book are uplifting pearls of wisdom, offering guidance and enlightenment. They serve as reminders that self-love is not only a virtue but also a profound source of strength.

Experience the transformative power of poetry and inspiration in Breathing in Beauty. Open your heart, discover the beauty within, and embark on a journey of self-love and self-discovery that will stay with you long after you’ve turned the last page.

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Available online through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Creatopia.

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