Barbara Lager’s Debut Poetry Book, “Breathing in Beauty,” Takes Center Stage in Creatopia® Magazine’s Winter 2023 Issue

In a delightful rendezvous between words and emotions, Barbara Lager, a rising poet with a captivating voice, finds herself in the spotlight of Creatopia® Magazine’s Winter 2023 Issue. The subject of this exclusive interview, Barbara unveils the layers of inspiration behind her debut poetry book, “Breathing in Beauty.”
The collection of verses and inspirational musings within “Breathing in Beauty” transports readers to a realm where emotions dance gracefully with words. Barbara Lager, a wordsmith with a penchant for capturing the essence of beauty, shares her journey and the creative forces that brought this remarkable collection to life.

When asked about her inspiration for the book, Barbara reflects on her deep connection with nature. Nature, she believes, is not merely a muse but a guiding force that weaves through every stanza of “Breathing in Beauty.” Barbara also delves into the creative process, exploring the moments that became the heartbeat of her poems.

As readers embark on the journey through “Breathing in Beauty,” Barbara Lager’s interview in Creatopia® Magazine adds a layer of depth to the poetic experience. Her words resonate not only with the beauty found in nature but also with the beauty within ourselves and the shared human experience. Barbara Lager’s debut poetry book is not just a collection of verses; it’s an invitation to breathe in the beauty that surrounds us, one poem at a time.

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